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About Us

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About Edwards Community Alliance

The purpose of the Edwards Community Alliance (“the Alliance”) is to support the continued viability of Edwards Air Force Base and the Air Force Flight Test Center through collaborative efforts, including political lobbying, financial support, and promotion of Edwards Air Force Base and the Antelope Valley Region as a premier location for continued pursuit of military, defense, and commercial aerospace enterprises.


Specifically, the Alliance will endeavor to:

  • Preserve and enhance the unique value of Edwards Air Force Base and the Air Force Flight Test Center to the United States Air Force, the Department of Defense, NASA, and the commercial aircraft industry.


  • Protect the Edwards Air Force Base, the Air Force Flight Test Center and the R-2508 Airspace from encroachment from all sources.


  • Collaborate with the Edwards military and civilian commands to leverage existing base capabilities and technologies to meet the requirements of the Department of Defense Vision 2010 and Vision 2020. 


  • Work cooperatively with the military commands to: strengthen existing military and community partnerships formed to attract new, compatible military missions to the base
  1. encourage technology based industries to use existing underutilized military base capabilities and resources
  2. outsource appropriately selected functions
  3. develop cooperative ventures
  4. meet mission requirements more efficiently
  5. establish student “mentoring, internships, and cooperative education programs” to help reduce engineering shortfall


  • Work with appropriate congressional representatives and federal officials to bring more military facilities and personnel to Edwards to expand and enhance existing capabilities and missions of the Base and Flight Test Center and its tenants.


The Alliance functions under the oversight and control of the County of Kern as the Single Local Base Retention Entity for Edwards Air Force Base. The County will provide this oversight and control through its Community Development Department. The Aerospace Office, under contract to the County, will facilitate the operation of the Alliance in accordance with this Statement of Purpose and Rules for Proceedings.